SABO Surfactant Additives

Surfactant additives are used to improve properties and resolve potential issues with a range of polymers. We are pleased to offer the SABO range of materials including antistatic agents, pigment dispersion and antifogging agents.

Sabostat & Sabofog


Most plastic materials tend to build up static charge due to very low conductivity (high surface resistivity).

Consequences of static charge build up vary from the most severe scenario like sudden electrostatic discharge in a flammable/explosive atmosphere or damage to packaged electronic goods, to less catastrophic but still problematic cases such as electrostatic adhesion in films, or simply undesired issues related to dust pick-up.

SABOSTAT® products are incorporated into plastic materials and, with a surface migration mechanism, increase surface conductivity, allowing for static charges to continuously release, therefore avoiding static charge build up.


Fogging refers to condensation of water vapor on the surface of a transparent plastic film (due to differences in temperature and humidity between the two sides of the film) in the form of small discrete droplets leading finally to loss of transparency.

In food packaging films, fogging causes loss in content visibility, and therefore in product attractiveness, as well as accelerating product quality deterioration.

In greenhouse films, fogging leads to slower plant growth, and also plant and fruit blemishing due to lens effect or hot water dripping.

Anti-fog additives typically comprise hydrophobic and hydrophilic chemical functional groups in a single molecule. This structural feature allows condensed water to form a transparent layer on the film surface instead of discrete droplets, therefore maintaining transparency. This in turn helps to maintain packaged food visibility and quality, and contributes to plant health in greenhouses.

Product selection from SABO’s anti-fog additives portfolio (including SABOFOG® MS, SABOFOG® ML, SABOFOG® PGS or SABOFOG® F1) enables our customers to design formulations and fine tune the anti-fogging effect according to film characteristics, usage conditions and effect durability.

Product Range

Polygylcerol Esters
  • SABOFOG ®PGS – Polyglycerol Stearate – PP packaging &PE greenhouse films
  • SABOFOG®PGL – Polyglycerol Laurate – PE Sorbitan Esters – Antifog PE film
  • SABOFOG®MS-P – Sorbitan Ester (Stearate) – PE greenhouse film
  • SABOFOG®ML – Sorbitan ester (Laurate) – PE packaging film

Dispersing Agents – polyolefins, polyester, Polyurethanes, PVC

  • SABO®NOL MO – Sorbitan monooleate
  • SABO®LEN MOE – Sorbitan monooleate 20 EO
  • SABOFOG®TOE – Sorbitan trioleate 20 Ely
  • SABO®LEN MLE – Sorbitan Monolaurate 20 EO
Ethoxylated Amines

Antistatic – Medium Build-up of antistatic effect

  • SABOSTAT®AL100 – Coconut Amine 2 EO
  • SABOSTAT® ASE 3 – Tallow Amine 2 EO
  • SABOSTAT®ASE 6 – Hydrogenated Tallow Amine 2 EO
  • SABOSTAT® ASE – Stearyl Amine 2 EO
Ethoxylated Amine Esters

Improved long term antistatic and antifog effect

  • SABOFOG ®F1 (food contact)
  • SABOSTAT ®A300
  • SABOSTAT® DELA – faster antistatic build up compared to ethoxylate amines
Ethoxylated Fatty Acids
  • SABO®PAL OE 6 Antifog used in PE Packaging film for low colour
  • SABO®PAL OE 9 Antifog used in PE Packaging film food contact

Dispersing Agents for Pigments and Fillers concentrates

Combinations are regularly used to reach an intermediate polarity and optimum balance between “wetting” and “dispersing “behaviours. Example Ethoxylated high polar (High HLB) dispersant in combination with low polar (low HLB) dispersant

Liquid mix products are well established in liquid masterbatch materials mainly for PVC.PP, PE and polyurethanes but also used in PS, ABS, SAN, PA, EVA.

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