Polythiol ™ QE-340M

Quick curing agent for Epoxy resins

Polythiol  QE-340M is a liquid resin constituted by a main polyether chain terminated with thiol (-SH) groups at the end. When combined with Epoxy resin and an amine catalyst the QE-340M can produce a quick cure. It is used as a quick curing epoxy resin adhesive in construction, civil engineering, industrial and general applications.

Physical Properties


Yellow tinted clear liquid

Specific Gravity

1.14 (25°C)


13.9 Pa s

Thiol Content

Yellow tinted clear liquid

Curing Properties (example)

Cure Speed
Gel time / Tack free

4.5 / 16

Tensile shear strength (kgf/cm3)
5°C 1 hour


5°C 3 hours


Example Formulation

Epikote 282





1 part



Compounding Scale


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