Wiwax – Polyethylene wax

Wiwax is a producer of PE waxes obtained from low pressure olefins polymerisation. Wiraten PE waxes are derived from direct synthesis of monomers. This in conjunction with the refining process give the waxes unique properties, high purity and a versatile range of applications.

Wiraten PE Waxes are used as viscosity modifiers, processing aids, lubricants, dispersing agents for pigments and additives and modification of material properties.

Wiraten PE waxes are versatile and determine features such as:

Applications include:

Road marking paints– Wiraten PE wax can be added to road marking mixtures to improve blending of components, enhanced viscosity characteristics, and improved thermal resistance. Wiraten PE wax also acts as an anti-adhesive top layer of the coating, thus repelling dirt and increasing the life span of the road marking. Advantages of using a thermoplastic material include

    • Lower viscosity and application temperature
    • Excellent wear resistance
    • Improved lubricating properties
    • Facilitated dispersibility
    • Better adhesion

Hot melt adhesives -Wiraten PE wax is added at levels of 10 to 30% to achieve the following advantages in hot melt formulations.

    • Compatibility and miscibility with EVA copolymers and other hot melt ingredients
    • Reduction of the hot melt viscosity
    • Reduction of blocking tendency of the hot melt formulation
    • Improved heat resistance
    • Increased hardness and melting point
    • Decreased setting time
    • Improved wetting and better dispersion of pigments and fillers in the adhesive compound

Paints and Varnishes– the use of emulsion grades in water soluble products increases the mechanical resistance at the surface.

Emulsion Grades




Solid Content %

Ionic Character

Viscosity cP@23ºC


Yellowish Liquid


34 – 36




Yellowish Liquid


34 – 36




White Liquid


34 – 36



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