Polyurethane Catalysts

Polyurethanes are polymers prepared by the reaction between an isocyanate (NCO functionality) and a polyol (OH functionality). These reactions are catalysed by metal organics and amines. Tin, Bismuth, Lead, Mercury, Zinc and Potassium organics, as well as tertiary amines, are used as the primary catalysts.

DriCAT®8328 – Bismuth 2-Ethylhexanoate for flexible foams, spray foams and elastomers

DriCAT®8320 and DriCAT®8316 – Bismuth Neodecanoate for flexible foams and elastomers

Duroct® Zinc 22% and DriCAT®3020 – Zinc 2-Ethylhexanoates and Zinc Neodecanoates as cure rate profile modifiers

Duroct® Potassium 10%, Duroct® Potassium 15% and DriCAT® Potassium 15%MEG – Potassium carboxylates -for rigid foams and unsaturated polyester resins in synergy with cobalt

The process of selecting a catalyst depends on several factors. Addition of metal catalysts in concentrations of ppm by weight has a profound effect on the reaction rate. In addition, catalyst selection will also depend on the cure profile requirements as they relate to the desired handling times and the properties of the cured product. Finally, environmental, and regulatory considerations cannot be ignored.


Chemical Name

Metal Content %

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Zinc Neodecanoate

19 (min)

Duroct® Zinc 22%

Zinc bis(2-ethylhexanoate)



Bismuth (3+) Neodecanoate



Bismuth (3+) Neodecanoate



Bismuth tris(2-ethyl hexanoate)


Duroct®Potassium 15%

Potassium carboxylate


Duroct®Potassium 10%

Potassium carboxylate


DriCAT®Potassium 15%MEG

Potassium carboxylate


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