Arpocore™ Aramid Powder

Aramid is the collective name of an aryl peptide polymer with remarkable properties. The material exhibits unique characteristics including strength, wear resistance, flame retardancy and anti-slip. It decomposes at 525°C and has no melting point. For coating and flooring applications Arpocore™ can be used to impart anti-slip and friction properties along with improved wear resistance. It is easy to use, and the resulting product is easy to pigment to the desired colour.


Standard Grades


Arpocore™ 125

Arpocore™ 125 is our finest grade with particle size up to 125μm. This grade can for example be applied in engineering plastics for wear resistance, extreme friction control, noise reduction and more.

Arpocore™ 250

Arpocore™ 250 is also a fine grade with particle size up to 250μm. This grade can for example be applied in coatings to increase wear resistance and anti-slip properties of the final product.

Arpocore™ 1000

Arpocore™ 1000 is a coarse form with particle size up to 1000μm. This grade can for example also be applied in coatings and further increases the wear resistance and anti-slip properties. (coarse circumstances).

If the above grades are not suitable for your application, Arpocore™ “tailor made” size grade can be supplied on request.
Arpocore™ grades are applied in coatings for the following purposes:
There are many benefits of using Arpocore™ in sealants, coating and flooring applications and many advantages compared to other existing materials. The most applicable benefits for these applications can be listed as follows:

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