Epoxy Raw Materials

MXDA / m-Xylenediamine

Chemical formula:C8H12N2
Molecular weight: 136.2

MXDA chemical structure contributes unique characteristics when used in epoxy, polyamide and urethane systems. MXDA has been used as an epoxy curing agent globally for more than 30 years in the paint and coating industry. Features low temperature curing and high chemical resistance.

1,3 BAC/ 1,3 Bis(Aminomethyl)cyclohexane

Chemical formula:C8H18N2
Molecular weight: 142.2

1,3-BAC is a colourless liquid and highly-reactive cycloaliphatic diamine. In the paint and coatings industry, 1,3-BAC is widely used as an epoxy curing agent. The epoxy curing agent features low temperature curing, good chemical resistant and coating colour stability.

Ready to use

Gaskamine 328

A ready to use derivative of MXDA. It features high bond strength to wet surfaces and fast curing in epoxy hardener. The coatings using Gaskamine 328 show a beautiful surface finish with high chemical and water resistance.

Cas No:

Amine Value

Active Hydrogen Equivalent Weight

Purity %






1,3 BAC









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