SABO is a leading supplier of polymer additives, and one of the largest manufacturers of HALS (Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers) globally. Our products add value by extending the lifetime of plastic materials, providing special effects through surface modification, and reducing the consumption of natural resources. As a result of our commitments to our customers and to the plastics industry, we have achieved steady growth since entering the market in 2007.

UV stabilisers/ absorbers for Coating applications

Plastribution Speciality Chemicals can offer a range of UV Stabilizers for different materials and applications. Here we present the grades most used in coating applications. HALS are radical scavengers therefor only effective on radical degradation mechanisms. UV absorbers are independent from degradation mechanisms.

UV 70 - Standard Low MW HALS

UV 65 - Standard Low MW HALS

UV26 – Differentiated Low MW HALS

UV312 - Differential UV Absorber Oxanilide

UV312 - Differential UV Absorber Oxanilide

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