Plastribution Speciality Chemicals adds Arpocore™ Aramid Powder to coatings portfolio

Plastribution Specialty Chemicals, the distributor of speciality raw materials for the paint and coatings industry, has recently added Arpocore™ Aramid Powder to its expanding coatings portfolio. Sourced from the production of aramid yarns and fibres, Arpocore™ is an exciting new filler for paints and coatings, providing superb anti-slip/friction and wear resistance properties.

Arpocore™ has many advantages as a coatings additive, including anti-slip properties, fire retardancy and wear resistance. Due to the composition and the weight of the particles, and because it absorbs the substance, Arpocore™ becomes ‘part of the coating’. This also means that the product does not sag to the bottom of the mixture, thereby allowing for adding/mixing the product both in the factory and on-site. In addition, Arpocore™ will not come loose from the coating, which is a familiar problem with  minerals such as sand and corundum.

The product is compatible with each type of coating composition. Additionally, Arpocore™ is compatible with colours, pigments and resins; it adopts the colours used in the coating and has an optimal adhesion to the resin. Because of the high wear resistance properties and the fact that Arpocore™ becomes part of the coating, the use of Arpocore™ extends the lifetime of the coating beyond that of other minerals and other additives.

Arpocore™ does not absorb/store heat as sand and other minerals do, which is an added benefit for flooring applications such as in the leisure industry, vessel/yacht decks, offshore platforms, and tank roofs. Moreover, the product is very light, causing tremendous weight saving on mobile applications like vessels and offshore platforms in comparison to alternative friction increasing additives.

Arpocore™ is a sustainable product, produced in an environmentally friendly supply chain.

For more information on the Arpocore™ range, contact Plastribution Speciality Chemicals on 01530 561957 or email [email protected].

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