Duranate™ now available in the UK

Duranate™ is a best-in-class product in the development, production and use of hexamethylene diisocyanate (HDI) – based polyisocyanate for polymerization and cross linking of high weatherability polyurethanes.

Produced by Asahi KASEI, Duranate™ is supplied worldwide in a broad spectrum of types and grades. Providing outstanding properties and performance for multiple applications, including: weather resistant paints and coatings, printing inks, adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives, resins, elastomers and electric materials for automotive, architectural, electronic, industrial and many other applications.

Asahi Kasei expanded production at its Chinese plant in 2015, so that it was able to reinforce its leading position in Asia whilst enabling further expansion of supply to other markets throughout the world. The production plants are situated in Hyuga, Miaazaki, Japan and Nantong, Jiangsu, China with a combined capacity of 30,000 tonnes/year.

Typical applications for Duranate™ include:

Duranate™ provides excellent weatherability, chemical resistance, elasticity, abrasion resistance, good adhesion, and drying to polyurethane coatings. With such a wide range of properties and grades including environmentally friendly water based grades there is a solution for every application. Outstanding levels of performance are shown across a range of applications, including: automotive, architectural, industrial, consumer electronic and information technology.

Duranate™ provides good adhesion, weatherability, excellent colour retention, heat, abrasion resistance to polyurethane inks. Formulated inks for gravure, offset and screen inks are common application.

Duranate™ provides good adhesion, excellent weatherability, good compatibility and elasticity to polyurethane adhesives. Wide variety of grades and good adhesion to substrates gives high performance in applications such as the construction and automotive industry and the manufacture of laminates (dry).

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Duranate™ provides excellent colour retention, elasticity, removability. Formulated in protective films and optical applications.

Duranate™ provides both mechanical and chemical properties such as durability, heat resistance and hardness to polyurethane resins. Used in polyurethane foams excellent colour retention can result. A wide range of formulations can be developed including potting, optical instruments, electrical components, and insulations.

Duranate™ provides excellent colour retention and physical properties in particular elasticity to both thermoplastic and thermosetting elastomers. With a wide range of grades and formulating options the applications are wide and include rollers, belts and sealants. (TPU -thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers, TSU- thermosetting polyurethane elastomers)

Electrical Materials
Duranate™ providing elasticity, toughness, and durability to electric materials and with a broad range of grades the applications are wide. Uses include electric insulations, solder resist inks, thermosetting and photosensitive cover lay filmes, colour resist inks, material of FPD and encapsulations.

Growth Markets
Duranate™ due to the excellent weatherability and mechanical properties have found a special place in the growing market for binders and coatings for the domestic and commercial flooring and driveway market. Excellent adhesion gives good mechanical strength, binding a variety of aggregates for driveways, walk ways, building entrances and tree pits. Good colour stability allows for more exciting colours to be offered giving the consumer more choice. While a wide range of grades allow for easier applications for the contractor. For existing block drives Duranate™ can be used to formulate a tough weather and chemical resistant coating.

Other applications also include UV curing resins (polyurethane acrylates), textile coatings, film treatments and many more.

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