Interplas 2017 & confessions of an exhibition sceptic

I ate humble pie for my tea last night and I have to admit I found it very tasty. I have been very outspoken internally at Plastribution about my feelings about trade shows which has led to some healthy discussions when reviewing our marketing plan.

Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics’ Iupital® Acetal distribution


Plastribution rose to the challenge and became one of the largest suppliers of acetal in the UK. The initiative was based on the partnership between Plastribution and Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics (MEP) and the quality and technical ability of MEP’s range of acetal known as Iupital ® – a copolymer-type acetal resin.

Choosing what we outsource

Prior to the 1980’s most companies did as much as they could for themselves and typically this included activities like transport and warehousing, on the basis that including these processes ensured control, retained profit and gave the best service. In fact Plastribution for a period of time until 1991 had its very own warehouse and even a delivery truck.

Busy days for Plastribution’s technical team

Plastribution technical team

Established to offer a complete service package, providing extended technical guidance and advice to customers throughout the manufacturing process, Plastribution’s technical team has recently expanded to meet demand.