Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics’ Iupital® Acetal distribution


Two decades of Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics’ Iupital Acetal distribution

Very few people in the polymer processing industry now question the quality of far Eastern produced material, but this has not always been the case.

In the early 90s, European produced engineering materials were often the first choice for manufacturers and specifiers. There was a reluctance to buying engineering materials like acetal and polycarbonate from Far Eastern manufacturers. Plastribution rose to the challenge and became one of the largest suppliers of acetal in the UK. The initiative was based on the partnership between Plastribution and Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics (MEP) and the quality and technical ability of MEP’s range of acetal known as Iupital® – a copolymer-type acetal resin.

Over the years, MEP Iupital® Acetal has become one the world’s leading brands of acetal. The MEP Iupital® Acetal range is extensive and includes grades for:

  • moulding and extrusion industries
  • water industry (WRAS compliant)
  • automotive industry (low volatility, lubricated and wear resistance)

Plastribution has distributed MEP Iupital® Acetal for over 20 years building the UK market by combining the technical and quality of the material with its high levels of service and technical support. Plastribution generally stocks over 450T of material in its UK warehouses and will support deliveries in multiple packaging formats – bulk, big bags or 25kg sacks.

For more information on the extensive range of MEP Iupital® Acetal, please contact Plastribution on 01530 560560.

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