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Ipethene 4140

Ipethene 4140 – a new very low melt flow LDPE from Carmel with superb melt strength. Carmel Olefins has extended their Ipethene range of autoclave LDPE for blown film extrusion with the [...]

Women in Plastics

‘Women in Plastics’ provide a platform for females in the plastics industry that are doing great work in every type of capacity. Recently, Plastribution Commercial Director Katherine White took [...]

Exchange Rate

The comments made on Friday 3rd August by Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, that the risk of a no deal Brexit was ‘uncomfortably high’ had a significant impact on the currency [...]

PA66 – The Pressure Grows

PA66 market ‘overheating’ many users and specifiers may well be forced to ‘down spec’ applications wherever possible, with the major winners potentially being for example nylon 6 and/or higher [...]

A polymer sourcing insight

Last week I attended the Polymer Sourcing conference in Barcelona where many of the presentations focused on the capacity expansions in the US based on ethane feedstock from shale gas.

Nylon 66 – market update

For polyamide 66 processors across Europe, the situation has now become critical. Extremely tight supply for base polymer and compounds will intensify further now that both Invista & Solvay have [...]

Price know-how October 2017

The major driver of feedstock costs in September was mainly related to the aftermath of storms affecting the US Gulf Coast, and in particular the impact of storm ‘Harvey’ in the Texas region.

Let Plastribution make it work for you

As highlighted in out previous blog (www.plastribution.co.uk/interesting-times-sterling), with the polymer market fluctuating in light of several key suppliers closing their orders books early in [...]

Interesting times for Sterling

As has already been evident for those of us who like to spend our summer holidays in Europe, we have seen further erosion in the price of sterling over the last few months.

Price know-how June

Whilst the results of the UK General Election have impacted on exchange rates, relaxation in some polymer prices will bring relief to many plastics processors.

Price know-how May

Styrene monomer prices have plummeted and C2 and C3 prices have rolled over from April into May. In the case of Ethylene, this comes after a rollover in price from March to April. For styrene [...]

Price know-how April

According to the trade body Petrochemicals Europe, an amazing 95% of manufactured goods are dependent upon the use of petrochemicals, of which plastics and polymers are a significant part. Whilst [...]

Price know-how January 2017

A new year heralds higher oil prices and fresh calls for price increases, which are likely to be influenced by a recent fall in the value of the GBP following a strong rally at the end of 2016.

2016 – a year of BIG surprises!

Whilst every year contains a wide array of noteworthy events, typically the ramifications of these events are short-lived and the understanding of any consequences quickly comprehended.

Price know-how December

A confusing picture with oil prices increasing, GBP strengthening, C2 and C3 prices falling, and Styrene Monomer prices increasing significantly.

Always there, always listening

This strap line ‘always there, always listening’, comes from Plastribution’s brand movie, created almost 5 years ago. Many people, including on occasions my colleagues, would perhaps question the [...]

Price know-how November

Pressure continues to build on polymer pricing as feedstock prices firm and Sterling continues to weaken; but for now there is still the uncertainty factor to contend with.

Price know-how October 2016

What are the implications for UK plastic processors as the GBP continues to weaken with ‘BREXIT SHOCK #2,’ at the same time as oil firms and some feedstocks increase in price?

Walls have ears

The UK has long been recognised for its ability to originate and develop new ideas. It is also true, often due to commercial necessity, that many of those ideas go forward to be produced in lower [...]

MOL Group

Headquartered in Budapest - Hungary, MOL Group is the largest plastic raw material producer in central Europe and holds a leading position in this region.

Life continues beyond the BREXIT blues

It is now two months after the shock result of UK’s referendum on EU membership. Whilst in the lead up to the 23rd June vote there was a discernible atmosphere of trepidation in terms of ‘what if [...]

Flame Retardant Additives for Film

The Kafrit Group are a global leader in the production of high quality flame retardant masterbatches and have been partnered with Plastribution for many years. They have been suppliers to the [...]

Price know-how August 2016

Whether BREXIT will be regarded as the reason or simply the trigger for an economic slow-down, or if indeed other factors are of influence, is unlikely to be known for some time.

A purge on costs

Since October 2011 Plastribution has been able to offer its customers purging agents from Aquapurge. We currently hold stock of their Barrel Blitz Universal (BBU) purging compound within our [...]

Price know-how June 2016

French Strikes, UK EU Membership Referendum, Summer Shutdowns and a Less Robust Approach to Passing on Feedstock Costs, All Contribute to Market Uncertainty.

Price know-how May 2016

Whilst the moderate recovery in Crude Oil price has so far provided support for the requests of polyolefin and polystyrene producers to increase prices and in many cases ‘recover eroded margins’, [...]

Social Media and the SME

A few months ago I was talking to the Chair of Leeds University Business School Advisory Board and we got on to the topic of #social media and how our business was exploiting this marketing [...]

Value = Price + Service + Reliability

Having previously written a blog entitled ‘Choosing what we outsource’, it is implicit that in determining which companies provide those services that performance is an important criteria for [...]

The lonely road to success

Both as a business and personally, we tend to spend little time looking at what others in our industry do or even how distributors in other sectors operate. The activity of benchmarking not only [...]

Dave Machin Memorial Walk

With the blessing of his family, we have organised a memorial walk to take place on 22 May in memory of our friend and colleague Dave Machin, who sadly passed away on 30 May last year.

Price know-how April

Recovering Oil Prices Drive up Feedstocks with the Inevitable Push for Polymer Price Increases. Reinforced by Further Weakness of the GBP.

Choosing what we outsource

Prior to the 1980’s most companies did as much as they could for themselves and typically this included activities like transport and warehousing, on the basis that including these processes [...]

It’s PP – but not as we know it

Carmel Olefins released their ‘C’ grades about 2 year ago. They have successfully managed to combine the optical clarity of RCoPP together with the impact properties of PPCP at standard room and [...]

Nice to meet you, I’m Joe

I have now been part of the technical team for about a month and feel I have settled well into the role here at Plastribution. Not that it has been difficult to settle in as the whole company has [...]

rPET a clear alternative

As part of Plastribution’s commitment to sustainable and technical materials, we are working with Eco Plastics and can now offer the UK’s only food grade recycled PET (rPET) to plastics [...]

To purge or not to purge…

It is a long time since I completed a colour change in a busy mould shop, but I can remember spending large amounts of time, and a lot of polypropylene, becoming increasing frustrated by the [...]

Our latest apprentice

We are delighted to introduce our latest apprentice, Nicole, who joins Plastribution this month having just completed her ‘A’ levels.

Continuity for Customer Service

Whether from the customer’s perspective the investment perceived is as active or passive, time and therefore cost is involved upon the part of the customer and this is often in contrast to the [...]

Design for manufacture

This is why Plastribution believe that the design of a component is critical in making sure the products we are surrounded with are produced in the best possible way.

Does size matter?

Before moving into the meat of this blog, I must start by saying that I have a very healthy respect for our competitors, many of whom I have become quite familiar with during my 5-year tenure as [...]

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The last 25 years has witnessed a communication revolution from the early analogue ‘mobile’ phones to the sleek handheld multi-media devices on which we today rely in order to conduct a whole [...]