Engineering Polymers

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Supplier Material Brand Name
TPE/TPO Goprene
TPE/TPV Goprene
TPE/SBS Goprene
mep TPO  Opti-flex™
mep POM (Acetal Copolymer) Iupital
Polycarbonate Iupilon, Xantar
PC/ABS Xantar C
PC/PET Xantar E
mep PPS
mep SPS Xarec
Polycarbonate Tarflon
mep Polycarbonate Wonderlite
PC/ABS Wonderloy
mep TPV Santoprene
mep TPU Lubrizol TPU 
mep PP Compounds Ramofin
PA6 Plustek
PA6.6 Plustek
Long Glass Fibre Compounds Polytron
PBT Ramster
mep Conductive Polymers Pre-Elec
Static Dissipative Compounds Pre-Elec ESD
mep TPEE/TPE Heraflex
PA6.6 Heramid A
PA6 Heramid S
PA6.6 FR Radiflam A
PBT FR Radiflam B
PA6 FR Radiflam S
PA6.6 Radilon A
PA6 Radilon B
PA6.10 Radilon D
PA6 Radilon S
PBT Raditer
mep ABS, ASA, PC & PA Blends Romiloy
mep PP Compounds Thermofil
mep LCP Sumikasuper
PES Sumikaexcel
mep PP/Nylon compounds Tislamid

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