Choosing what we outsource

Prior to the 1980’s most companies did as much as they could for themselves and typically this included activities like transport and warehousing, on the basis that including these processes ensured control, retained profit and gave the best service. In fact Plastribution for a period of time until 1991 had its very own warehouse and even a delivery truck.

It was of course very convenient to be able to walk from the office into the warehouse to inspect stocks and collect samples for sales representatives to deliver personally to customers. However it became increasingly apparent that the warehouse was never the right size and either too full to cope or too empty to make economic sense. Plus the delivery truck could only justify its existence if the delivery route was carefully selected to ensure optimum efficiency. Without the benefit of a dedicated transport fleet it was increasingly difficult to meet customers’ requirements in terms of lead-times.

At this time a change in strategy from Plastribution’s parent company led to the use of 3PLs (Third Party Logistics suppliers). From that point forward, the efficiencies of large scale warehousing operations coupled with a transport fleet that was able to meet the requirements of ‘Just In Time’ manufacturing, rapidly became evident. Twenty five years on, with an efficient portfolio of 3PLs who are readily able to provide an efficient and cost effective service with industry leading levels of OTIF (On Time In Full) delivery, we have not looked back.

The evolution of IT has followed a similar story and over the last 30 years we have seen its role develop from being an accountancy tool to becoming the very backbone of our operation, enabling complex transactions to take place in a smooth and reliable manner providing the information necessary to manage a large SME. Today customers can be assured by Plastribution’s strategy of running mission critical Microsoft ERP and CRM systems with the support of one the UK’s leading IT companies.

Today our outsourcing strategy is entirely founded on the principles that if an external provider can provide a more efficient services for any part of operation that is non-core, then Plastribution will carefully select partners who are able to provide services that ultimately benefit you our customers.