Customer service – make room, personality coming through!

Had the ominous task of phoning two call centres earlier this week. One a bank, the other a famous motoring organisation beginning and ending in ‘A’. We often dread these kind of tasks and, if like me, you will have to fight the urge to procrastinate. Imagine my surprise when the whole experience was really positive and whilst I would not go as far to say pleasurable, I left the phone feeling good about both organisations.

Our latest apprentice

We are delighted to introduce our latest apprentice, Nicole, who joins Plastribution this month having just completed her ‘A’ levels.

Metallocene – it’s not all about downgauging!

Metallocene grades of polyethylene for film extrusion have been around for 20 years or so but there is still some resistance to their use based on the premium these materials typically attract and the focus on using them to reduce film thickness.

Continuity for Customer Service

Whether from the customer’s perspective the investment perceived is as active or passive, time and therefore cost is involved upon the part of the customer and this is often in contrast to the more obvious cost to supplier of having internal and external sales teams telephoning, emailing and visiting customers at their places of work.