Our latest apprentice

May we introduce our latest apprentice…

We are delighted to introduce our latest apprentice, Nicole, who joins Plastribution this month having just completed her ‘A’ levels.

Although this is probably not the forum to talk about the relative merits of university or vocational qualifications, we are very excited to have another intelligent, driven and positive young person join our ranks. We see and hear a lot about young people leaving our education system with poor basic skills, unable to communicate and perhaps worst of all with a poor attitude towards the work place.

We only see a relatively small sample and I am sure there are issues, but this has not been our experience. The apprentices that have joined Plastribution have all made and continue to make a significant contribution to our business. The plastics industry needs a constant supply of fresh faces; our decision to employ apprentices is not altruistic as we have gained a lot from their input over the years. On the flip-side, we hope we are playing a small part in the ongoing future success and stability of our industry.

With advantages comes some challenges. Being the line manager of someone at the very start of their career can be challenging. Our first boss will have made an impression; whether good or bad few of us will have forgotten him or her. We try to take the development and management of all our staff seriously, but are especially conscious of our colleagues beginning their career.

As a business we have spent a lot of time thinking about our induction structure, training programs and mentoring schemes. Ensuring that everyone has clear goals and targets to work towards is important as is both formal and informal coaching. The year seems to fly past, but just 3 months stagnation will certainly bring frustration to someone who is after a clear career plan. After investing so much in the apprentice process, we don’t want or can afford, someone to become demotivated and bored. We have not always got it right, and are learning as we go but we do take these responsibilities very seriously.

A warm welcome to Nicole and an acknowledgement to all our apprentices whose input is highly valued and appreciated.