Continuity for Customer Service

Continuity for Customer Service

The investment that customers make in developing supplier relationships is often neglected and ignored.

Whether from the customer’s perspective the investment perceived is as active or passive, time and therefore cost is involved upon the part of the customer and this is often in contrast to the more obvious cost to supplier of having internal and external sales teams telephoning, emailing and visiting customers at their places of work.

Whilst in the ideal the point of contact between customer and supplier would remain constant, in the today’s world we need to recognise the reality of staff rotation and take a proactive approach to mitigating the impact of any change on either Plastribution’s or our customers representation.

And whilst tools like CRM go a long way to record information, here at Plastribution we very much believe in the importance of personal relationships and hence have created dedicated teams, so in the event of change from our side, personal knowledge of your requirements is retained. Likewise, in the event of a change from the customer’s side we have knowledge and experience that help to ensure a smooth transition.

This is just another part of our ‘always there, always listening’ approach to helping customers concentrate on what is important in their business.