TotalEnergies: How plastic can be part of a sustainable future

TotalEnergies is a global energy company that is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices. One of the key areas where the company is making strides is in reducing the environmental impact of plastic. TotalEnergies is taking a comprehensive approach to addressing the issue of plastic waste, from the development of new […]

Sumika partners with Hexagon to enable 60% plastic carbon reduction for new vehicles

Sumika partners with Hexagon, enabling 60% plastic carbon reduction for new vehicles by digitizing sustainable compounds for engineers Digitised mechanical and environmental performance of recycled short glass-fibre reinforced PP compounds supports the transition to more sustainable vehicles Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division and Sumika Polymer Compounds Europe (SPC Europe), a leading manufacturer of thermoplastic compounds, have […]

UBQ – Dogs are Welcome to get into this Trash

Most dogs want to get into anything they’re not supposed to, like the trash can. So it somehow seems appropriate that they can now sleep in garbage. Or at least in a dog house made from recycled trash. UBQ, an Israel-based company that converts mixed trash bound for landfills into thermoplastic, is supplying its material […]

Packaging Tax Updates – Listen to the first podcast of 2023

Listen to Ian and Joe discussing the new revisions to the packaging tax.  Sustainability is constantly evolving as we learn new information and new ways to be sustainable. As such, legislation around sustainability is continually being revised and updated. Listen to our first podcast of 2023, as Ian and Joe break down the new updates […]

LACTIPS Design the Biodegradable Solution for your Golf Tee

Lactips has designed a formulation based on CareTips® and bio-polyesters to manufacture golf tees. The formulation is both bio-based and biodegradable.  The product benefits include: Sustainable impact: The componants used in the formulation are biobased and biodegradable in soil. Reusable: Resists to a minimum of 10 impacts with a driver (energy level equal to 160km/h: […]

The Sustainable Way to Reduce your Energy Bill

Rising energy costs are consistently in the news at the moment and affects thousands of businesses up and down the UK. A recent quote from a British Plastics Federation (BPF) report cited that in many cases their members were hit with a 300% rise in energy costs. One company stated they “would do anything they can to reduce their energy bills”​

New commercial agreement between TotalEnergies and Vanheede Environment Group

TotalEnergies and Vanheede Environment Group sign a commercial agreement to scale up the manufacturing of circular polymers from post-consumption plastic waste. Paris, May 19, 2022 – TotalEnergies and Vanheede Environment Group announce today the signing of a long-term commercial agreement for the supply of post-consumer recycled (PCR) raw material, to be used as feedstock in […]

Scientific breakthrough proves innovative plastic film transforms into harmless wax when exposed to nature

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1629729549151{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”]Imperial College London-based Polymateria has added to its growing list of peer-reviewed publications with new research proving that plastic film containing its innovative new Biotransformation technology transforms into a harmless wax when exposed to mother nature. By contrast, a conventional plastic tested to the same method simply fragmented into microplastic. This latest […]

McDonald’s Serving up Sustainable Trays with UBQ™

Arcos Dorados, the largest independent McDonald’s franchise in the world which operates restaurants in Latin America and the Caribbean, advances in its commitment to drive a positive impact on the environment, announcing the substitution of the plastic trays used by clients in its outlets with a more sustainable version. The measure is part of a […]

Total Petrochemicals – Tackling plastics end of life

Total’s ambition for their polymers business is to be selling 30% recycled polymers by 2030, equating to 1 million tons per year in 2030. However, one of the big challenges facing recycling of plastic waste is being able to match low quality feedstock from complex waste streams to high performance applications.

An interview with Dr Rotem Shemesh – Innovation & Sustainability

Dr Rotem Shemesh, R&D and Customer Service Manager at Carmel Olefins,
recently spent the day at the Plastribution offices providing technical training
to our sales teams.  While she was here, Commercial Director Katherine White,
took the opportunity to learn more about Rotem and her current activities at
Carmel Olefins.