Brexit implications that may affect your business

Whilst the details of the Brexit divorce settlement and future trading relations are likely to become clearer over the coming weeks, it is important to consider a range of scenarios including ‘no deal’. At Plastribution we have spent some time looking at the implications to our own business and the likely effects for our customers in the case of a HARD BREXIT.

Exchange Rate


The comments made on Friday 3rd August by Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, that the risk of a no deal Brexit was ‘uncomfortably high’ had a significant impact on the currency markets. This was further compounded by an article written by Liam Fox, the International Trade Secretary which set the likelihood of a hard Brexit at 60%.

Interesting times for Sterling

As has already been evident for those of us who like to spend our summer holidays in Europe, we have seen further erosion in the price of sterling over the last few months.

Why is the EU Plastics Industry concerned about BREXIT?

Naturally for the majority of UK citizens our perspective on BREXIT is about how the decision to leave the EU will impact us. It was not until I was preparing a presentation for a conference held during K 2016 that I became aware of the potential impact of the UK leaving the EU upon the remaining members of the EU and most specifically the potential implications for the plastics sector.