Metallocene – it’s not all about downgauging!

Metallocene grades of polyethylene for film extrusion have been around for 20 years or so but there is still some resistance to their use based on the premium these materials typically attract [...]

Market Fundamentals Drive Polyolefin Price Premiums over Feedstock?

Whilst few people were surprised by the increase in C2 and C3 pricing largely reflecting the increase in crude oil price (see table below), the triple digit increase in PP and PE pricing was a shock.

Quality management – the rocky road to continuous improvement and achieving customer satisfaction

Looking back at the results of our December 2014 customer survey results, it raised the question of how to achieve those small improvements in our processes which have the potential to make big [...]

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Continuity for Customer Service

Whether from the customer’s perspective the investment perceived is as active or passive, time and therefore cost is involved upon the part of the customer and this is often in contrast to the [...]