Chi Mei launch new high flow high impact ABS

Chi Mei the world’s largest producer of ABS have recently launched a new grade of ABS PA757H. It demonstrates a 30% increase in MFR compared to standard PA757 and a 20% increase in impact strength.

Design for manufacture

This is why Plastribution believe that the design of a component is critical in making sure the products we are surrounded with are produced in the best possible way.

How Long Will the ‘Perfect Storm’ Conditions Persist?

Nobody could have contemplated firstly that demand from processors would be so strong in February, and secondly that so much upstream capacity would be taken out of production as a result of [...]

Distributor of Substance vs Supplier of Straw

To The Moon And Back (Twice!)

Does size matter?

Before moving into the meat of this blog, I must start by saying that I have a very healthy respect for our competitors, many of whom I have become quite familiar with during my 5-year tenure as [...]