rPET a clear alternative

As part of Plastribution’s commitment to sustainable and technical materials, we are working with Eco Plastics and can now offer the UK’s only food grade recycled PET (rPET) to plastics [...]

To purge or not to purge…

It is a long time since I completed a colour change in a busy mould shop, but I can remember spending large amounts of time, and a lot of polypropylene, becoming increasing frustrated by the [...]

Increasing Availability puts Polymer Producers’ Margins under Increasing Pressure

As September progresses, it is increasingly apparent that producers are both willing and able to make further concessions in the market and is anticipating that prices will continue to fall. It [...]

Why winning the PIA does not make you ‘The Best Distributor’

Let me start by saying that I am a fan of the Plastics Industry Awards. Of course all industry awards have their critics, but it is difficult to deny that the PIA is a positive contribution to [...]

Customer service – make room, personality coming through!

Had the ominous task of phoning two call centres earlier this week. One a bank, the other a famous motoring organisation beginning and ending in ‘A’. We often dread these kind of tasks and, if [...]