What is an ‘independent distributor’ and can they really offer better pricing and service?

What is an ‘independent distributor’ and can they really offer better pricing and service?

Like many people, I read the words ‘independent distributor’ alongside the claim that they could offer ‘better pricing and service’ and take that to be a good thing. Really? On closer examination this looks more like a clever bit of spin rather than a substantial claim.

In writing this blog’s headline, I thought about the use of the word ‘independence’ in the context of polymer distribution; its use suggests that the distributor was free of external influence or control. Plastribution would claim that it is free of external influence or control in the way that it interacts with its stakeholders; but there again those stakeholders are incredibly supportive and well resourced.

If asked, I am not entirely sure I could answer if our business were dependent or independent, unless I knew more about the context of the question.

With regard better pricing and service, the suggestion is that having many casual acquaintances rather than few well-chosen suppliers is good thing. I again think that such claims may be difficult to substantiate. It has long since been Plastribution’s policy that in order to make our customers competitive in their market place, we must offer value of which service, reliability and price are key elements.

Of course these claims are substantiated by both our market leading position in the UK, and also the quantified results of our latest customer satisfaction survey.

Furthermore the close partnership we have with our suppliers is helping to ensure that our customers are continuing to receive reasonable volumes of material in these very challenging circumstances, and most importantly, both market and transaction specific information is being delivered in a timely manner.