Value = Price + Service + Reliability

99.5%+ Score for Distribution OTIF

Having previously written a blog entitled ‘Choosing what we outsource’ (, it is implicit that in determining which companies provide those services that performance is an important criteria for selection. Furthermore in both the eyes of our customer and the law, it is Plastribution’s responsibility to make sure that the expected level of service is provided. It is also implicit that that success of the sub-contractor and the principal are intertwined in what is effectively a mutual destiny, with the reliability of the former having an affect on the success of the latter.

To Plastribution’s customers the most obvious part of the transaction is the delivery of the goods OTIF (On Time, In Full). Given the rigours of the UK road network, achieving high levels of reliability is a constant challenge, although thanks to investment in IT systems the process of sending instructions, storing and picking goods has been significantly enhanced.

Through the strong working relationship between Plastribution and our main logistics contractor, an industry leading average 99.5% OTIF has been achieved over the last 12 months, ensuring that the overwhelming majority of customers receive what they want when they need it.


Of course in the pursuit of delivering even greater value we continue to carefully examine each OTIF failure and where there is opportunity for improvement we look at what needs to be done to rectify.