Price know-how November

Pressure continues to build on polymer pricing as feedstock prices firm and Sterling continues to weaken; but for now there is still the uncertainty factor to contend with.

The situation in the plastics market is not dissimilar to what is happening in the broader economy, and could even be described as analogous to the more widely publicised retail sector of the UK economy, where a combination of goods in the supply chain, economic uncertainty and push back from retailers is also causing latency.

Of course, the debacle between Unilever and Tesco about Marmite has brought the public’s attention to the issues of devaluation and subsequent inflation, albeit that Marmite is of course manufactured in the UK, although some raw materials, including plastics for the caps and bottles, are likely to be imported.

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The concept of a user friendly market report came from feedback about an article published in PRW (Plastics & Rubber Weekly) about the 2011 market outlook to which Plastribution made a significant contribution.