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Leading moulding and tool making company, Hampshire based Amey Plastics, has maintained steady growth in the sale of their iconic lunchboxes.

Recognised throughout schools and available in various colour, the retro design means they are easy to pack and simple to clean making them a favourite with Mums everywhere: “This lunchbox is absolutely brilliant. It is easy to clean, has lots of room inside and is a really nice colour.” amazon.co.uk customer review.

As a long standing customer of leading distributor, Plastribution, Amey Plastics had used a random PPRCP for moulding the lunchboxes, principally for the depth of rich colour that the polypropylene provides. The only disadvantage of using this material being its relatively poor impact strength, to the point that negative customer feedback on lunchbox breakages was a growing concern.

With up to 11,000 units produced per annum, ongoing promotion through Amazon and orders from Innocent Drinks, Amey Plastics looked to introduce a material that provided similar depth of colour, but with combined outstanding low temperature impact properties. Plastribution were asked to find a solution.

“We had recently received a presentation from Carmel Olefins about an exciting new clear copolymer known as Carmel Clear,” said Plastribution’s Peter Shakeshaft. “Being the first clear copolymer on the market, we were confident that it would provide a perfect solution for the lunch boxes.” During a period of extensive testing and low temperature drop tests at the Amey Plastics site in Petersfield, the innovative Carmel Clear material ticked all the boxes.

Amey’s operations director, Phil Williams said: “The new copolymer from Carmel is superb. It moulds a lot better, is easier to assemble due to its inherent strength and customer feedback has improved significantly.” New to the market, Carmel Clear is currently only available from Plastribution.

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