Let Plastribution make it work for you

As highlighted in out previous blog (www.plastribution.co.uk/interesting-times-sterling), with the polymer market fluctuating in light of several key suppliers closing their orders books early in August, coupled with the weakening of Sterling against the Euro, the squeeze on UK processors is proving highly uncomfortable.

As frustrating (& bewildering) as the current situation is, with our extensive market and product knowledge, combined with technical expertise, Plastribution can help.

We work closely with our suppliers to offer the best price and to secure material availability for customers based on specific commercial requirements. This can involve obtaining the best price, or providing a ‘peace of mind’ solution when you need reliability in your supply chain.

We can provide a fixed price call-off order for 6 months when supply is a priority, or you can work closely with our product experts and suppliers to understand when it’s commercially advantageous to get a price deal. This is normally based on when the market is about to turn and/or at the point when currency rates are at the most beneficial. We try to take away the complexities of the polymer market by watching the trends closely – supply, demand and currency fluctuations – and provide you with qualified insights to help your decision making process.

At Plastribution, we are always ready to help you find the best solution to meet your requirements. And don’t forget, we also offer a monthly price know how to guide you through the key factors that affect the UK polymer market (www.plastribution.co.uk/price-know-how).

By offering this enhanced level of service we hope you can trust Plastribution to manage your material needs as efficiently as possible and make it work for you.

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