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CHIMEI’s KIBISAN® SAN resin is a copolymerization of styrene (SM) and acrylonitrile (AN), and is also commonly known as AS Resin. It not only retains the transparency of GPPS, it also has greater chemical resistance and surface hardness than many other materials. KIBISAN® SAN Resin also exhibits high, uniform glossiness, and good heat resistance, ri-gidity, stability, balancing workability and strength. KIBISAN® products are widely used in transparent cosmetic packaging. Thanks to CHIMEI well-managed process, KIBISAN® with high transparency can be provided stably with high efficiency. Besides, we also provide KIBISAN® with low residual monomer level, which is suitable for food and water containers. This material is also used in lighter casings, battery casings, detergent sprayer apparatus, and medical supplies. KIBISAN® is compliant with RoHS, REACH SVHC, UL, and numer-ous international standards for various applications.

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