It’s PP – but not as we know it

Since the dawn of time PP has fallen into 3 main categories: a tough opaque grade that’s quite soft, a range of stiff, brittle grades, and clear grades that aren’t very stiff or very tough.

It is always been difficult to combine one or more of these properties.

Until now…

Carmel Olefins released their ‘C’ grades about 2 year ago. They have successfully managed to combine the optical clarity of PPRCP together with the impact properties of PPCP at standard room and chill room temperatures.

The technology also ensures that the materials have a high gloss finish and do not suffer stress whitening on impact or through regular flexing.

There are a number of grades available from stock and ready for you to sample:

Brand Name Grade Name MFR (230C/2.16Kg)
[g/10min] ISO 1133
Flextural Modulus
[MPa] ISO 178
Izod Impact Notched at 23C
[KJ/m 2 ] ISO 180
Capilene CE 71 E 1.8 850 55
Capilene CE 80 B 1.8 900 50
Capilene CL 50 E 6 450 15
Capilene CT 71 A 25 850 18
Capilene CT 80 A 25 900 18

The newest member of the family is CAPILENE® CL 50 E – a speciality soft polypropylene that combine the typical advantages of polypropylene random and copolymers and contains a basic stabilisation package of additives. It features low flexural modulus, easy processability, excellent mechanical and optical properties, together with excellent white stress resistance.

Capilene CL50 E can be cast film, compounded, injection moulded and thermo-formed.

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