Ipethene 4140

Ipethene 4140 – a new very low melt flow LDPE from Carmel with superb melt strength.

Carmel Olefins has extended their Ipethene range of autoclave LDPE for blown film extrusion with the introduction of Ipethene 4140 which has a very low melt flow of 0.13 g/10min (2.16kg, 190°C). This provides very high melt strength and therefore excellent bubble stability allowing large diameter blown film bubbles to be extruded and/or very thick gauge films. Blown film bubbles of 14-18 m circumference have been successfully extruded and film thickness up to 280 µm.

Typical applications include large diameter agricultural films, shrink hoods & building films but any application that requires the production of thick, wide film is ideal for this grade. Ipethene 4140 can also be used in blow moulding & pipe extrusion.

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Figure 1
Decreasing melt flow and therefore increasing molecular weight leads to greater levels of chain entanglement and melt strength.