Industry know-how is a series of articles that provide essential background to the industry, terminology and practices.

In some cases there is a high level of assumed knowledge, in other cases terms of reference lack clarity – Industry Know-how aims to provide clear explanation and where appropriate thought leadership to support our industry.

If you would like clarification or explanation of a plastics industry topic or practice please contact us and we will be pleased to help.

This article addresses the wide range of terminology relating to the classification of thermoplastic raw materials that has evolved over time, and Plastribution’s  approach towards transparency.

Read NowOne of the great advantages of plastics is the ability to easily colour them to an infinite variety of colours and special effects. This article discusses techniques commonly used to achieve this.

Read NowThis article discusses the shrinkage of polymers – a key factor in the quality and performance of components.

Read NowThis article discusses introduces regrind. Regrind is typically a term that applies to plastic components/products, which have been mechanically, reduced in size to particles less than 10mm in diameter. The source of these plastic components can be pre-consumer waste such as process scrap, or less commonly post-consumer waste.

Read NowThis article discusses the use of purging techniques to avoid contamination from residual colour and/or polymer and also avoid the build up and release of carbonised material.

Read NowThis article discusses the trend towards customising materials at the machine to both reduce costs and optimise processing and properties.

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