Ensuring you buy competitively

Ensuring you buy competitively

The message is simple: If our customers are not competitive in their market then we don’t have a market for our products. So the starting point of our pricing philosophy is based upon the simple principle that we need to be as competitive as possible.

As the UK’s largest distributor we seek to exploit the simple wholesaling principle of aggregating our customers requirements and so we work in close partnership with a carefully selected supplier base on an official basis. This ensures that we can competitively purchase the required product on a regular basis working with known and trusted polymer producers.

Of course this is only part of the story, because through our dedicated commercial teams we also aim to understand each customer’s particular requirements and, where appropriate, put in place a specific supply chain management solution, as well as providing the technical support that helps you to manufacture with maximum efficiency. This approach enables us to deliver value to your business, and we believe that this added-value is reflected by the growth we continue to enjoy in our business – as evidenced by the feedback we have received in our independently conducted customer satisfaction surveys.

In addition to our pricing philosophy, customers can draw comfort from the intense competition in the polymer distribution sector that ensures both economy and efficiency.

Unlike some of our competitors we are not about gimmicks, gismos and short-term chances, instead we aspire to develop a reliable partnership for a sustainable future.