DuClear CE 85 B PPRCP

DuClear CE 85 E is a new and revolutionary grade of speciality clarified polypropylene random copolymer (PPRCP).

The grade has been developed for use in extrusion blow moulding, sheet extrusion and thermoforming and is particularly suited for use in bottles for consumer goods (e.g. detergents and cosmetics) and bottles for industrial uses.

DuClear CE 83 E is produced using a phthalate free catalyst system which meets the ever increasing demands of today’s major brand owners to drive all phthalates from packaging products.

The other significant benefits of the grade are that it exhibits extremely high transparency and contact clarity, coupled with excellent gloss and surface finish. By the use of cutting edge clarifying technology DuClear CE 83 E is one of the clearest polypropylene random copolymers available today.

In a recent study on extrusion blow moulded bottles, DuClear CE 85 E was compared to an industry benchmark clarified PPRCP and was shown to give significant improvements in haze, clarity and both internal and external gloss. All this was achieved at the same weight and thickness of bottle and with no impact on cycle time or processing parameters.

The exceptional clarity, gloss and low haze achievable with DuClear CE 83 E now opens up the potential replacement of other clear polymers used for similar applications such as PET. It has been shown in trials of clarified PPRCP vs. PET that like for like, it is possible to produce a part of comparable clarity but at significantly lower weight and higher productivity rate due to the significant density difference between the two materials.

Further information on the above trials is available on request and for more information or to download the DuClear CE 83 E datasheet please visit: www.plastribution.co.uk/duclear.pdf