Distributor of Substance versus Supplier of Straw – Part 3


Distributor of Substance versus Supplier of Straw – Part 3

The current supply situation has provided another great example of how Plastribution works in partnership to provide effective solutions to meet customers’ requirement.

In this case the customer was a critical supplier of medical equipment to the healthcare sector and was genuinely concerned that if they could not secure on-going supply of PE there was a real risk that hospital operating theatres may be closed and patients in ITU put at risk.

Given the gravity of the situation the matter was escalated to the highest level within Plastribution and the following action plan was implemented:

  1. As an official distributor Plastribution was able to raise the concern about delay in supply at a senior level within the producer and leverage our relationship to prioritise shipment.
  2. With a broad portfolio of grades and suppliers, Plastribution was also able to recommend an alternative material, along with the technical support required to conduct trials.
  3. A review of the supply chain to ensure that future shipment delays are unlikely to impact downstream.

Fortunately with our speedy intervention our customer was able to receive supply of their regular material in time to keep their manufacturing process operating, and trials are also underway to evaluate the alternative grade. In the meantime there was no disruption in supply to the healthcare providers.