CHIMEI launches high heat resistant PC alloy for 5G product applications

With the advent of the 5G era, demand for higher product performance continues to increase, such as more flame retardant and heat resistant materials for communications applications.
In response to this increased demand, CHIMEI has developed PC 545, featuring truly high flame retardant and high heat resistant properties with great processability.


This new PC alloy material is a result of CHIMEI’s continuous efforts in the development of composite materials through Client Side Innovation™. While meeting the market’s temperature resistance requirements, this new material greatly reduces any aesthetic or quality issues arising from insufficient fluidity and processability. PC 545 supports applications with high working temperatures and solves issues arising from poor rheological properties. This material fills a gap in the market, due to the previous reliance on flame retardant PC materials.

A developing trend

Because of PC 545’s heat-resistant and flame-retardant properties, it can be used in solutions for: CPE, set top boxes, routers, high-end electronics, base stations and Li-battery casings.


1. UL flammability 1.2mm V0, 2.5mm 5VA 2. UL Glow wire (1) 1.5mm GWIT (800°c), GWFI (960°c) (2) 3.0mm GWIT(800°c), GWFI(960°c) 3. UL ball pressure temperature 110°c

CHIMEI PC Alloy product portfolio

The WONDERLOY® product range features a variety of materials depending on application. Please speak to us about your specific requirements and we will be able to help you with selecting a grade that will work for your product. If you’d like to discuss any of the products in CHIMEI’s portfolio, please get in touch.

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