Chi Mei – the world’s largest maker of ABS resin

Plastribution’s 25 year connection with Chi Mei – the world’s largest maker of ABS resin

Plastribution has had a long and successful relationship with the Chi Mei Corporation, the world’s largest vendor of ABS. Founded in 1960 in Tainan, Taiwan, Chi Mei’s many products are widely used in the manufacture of countless customer goods. Chi Mei’s annual production capacity has reached 3.5 million tons, including an annual capacity of 2.1 million tons of ABS resins. With more than 50 years of production and R&D experience in this field, Chi Mei offers a stable supply of high quality plastics and synthetic rubber materials.

Products also include SAN, PS, MS, PC, PC/ABS, ASA, Q resin, TPE and PMMA, growing its capacity to over 3.6 MTPA. Over 2.1 MTPA of that capacity is given over to the Chi Mei ABS product known as Polylac®.

In distributing Chi Mei products to UK processors, Plastribution supplies Polylac® ABS, Wonderlite® polycarbonate and Wonderloy® PC-510, Chi Mei’s brand of PC/ABS.

Polylac® ABS gives the ideal balance between rigidity, impact strength, surface finish and hardness, colourability and processibility. It has been widely accepted and is used in business machinery, electrical and electronic appliance casings, communication parts, computers, automotive parts, bathroom-ware, suitcases and many other household items as well as extruded applications such as pipes and sheet. For details of the full Polylac® range visit our product search facility or for more detail on some specialist grades visit our new resource centre at

We can also take advantage of Chi Mei’s world leading compounding facility. Allowing inline colour compounding of Polylac® ABS ensuring the highest level of colour consistency and quality.

Chi Mei’s range of Wonderlite®, their brand name for polycarbonate is equally extensive. Wonderlite® polycarbonate resin has excellent transparency, high heat resistance, ultra high impact resistance, dimensional stability, etc., making it suitable for a wide range of applications. The product range is available from UK stock delivered in bulk, big bags or 25kg sacks.

For more information on the Chi Mei range of Polylac® ABS, Wonderlite® polycarbonate and Wonderloy® PC-510 PC/ABS please look at our Chi Mei products or contact us on 01530 560560.