Carpe Discipulus – seize the student

Carpe Discipulus – seize the student ( a loose translation!)

 Many of us are familiar with the term ‘Carpe Diem’, which in its literal translation means ‘seize the day’ and more broadly a mantra to embrace the opportunities that life presents us with. Whilst I have no idea if ‘Carpe Dicipulus’ is grammatically correct or not, I do rather like the idea of ‘seizing’ potential students and making them aware of what plastics have to offer the world and the career opportunities within our sector. Furthermore, I like the way that ‘pupil’ translates to a word which is clearly related to ‘disciple’ and thus implies that by educating young people as to the benefits of plastics, we can help develop the future ambassadors of our industry.

This rather neatly leads into the BPF’s ‘plastics toolbox’ initiative, launched to promote polymer science to schoolchildren through the creation of recruited and trained ‘Polymer Ambassadors’.  Armed with ‘Olly’s Cool Box of Plastics’ – a toolkit of experiments, the ambassadors will be visiting  schools to deliver an introduction to plastics and its many wonderful properties.

Further details of this excellent initiative can be found via the following links:

The true inspiration for this blog actually came from a request from a university student on a business course who was seeking an industrial placement. The desire of this student to match their academic experience with some ‘real work’ was inspiring and we have already selected a specific project from which both parties will benefit. We will, of course, take the opportunity to impress on this individual how important plastics are to our society and, who knows, we may end up recruiting another valuable member to our industry.

On this basis, I would encourage every firm in the UK plastics sector to Carpe there very own Discipuli and reap the rewards.