Capilene® CW 85 AV


Capilene® CW 85 AV

A new polypropylene grade from Carmel Olefins offers outstanding processability, combined with mechanical and optical properties that are particularly suited to TWIM food packaging and consumer applications.

Capilene® CW 85 AV

Aimed at Thin Wall Injection Moulding (TWIM), Carmel Olefins new Capilene CW85AV polypropylene (PP) resin meets the most demanding requirements for rigid packaging and consumer goods. Engineered via an innovative and unique technology, Capilene CW85AV bridges the gap between PP random and impact copolymers, offering similar benefits from both in displaying good transparency combined with a high impact/stiffness balance.

It also has an exceptional stress-whitening (blush) resistance and high gloss, making it a preferable choice for demanding applications where excellent aesthetics is desired. Capilene CW85AV is characterised by a very high flow and can be used for TWIM applications with wall thickness as low as 0.4mm.

Key features include:

  • High melt-flow
  • High impact
  • High transparency and gloss
  • Stress whitening resistant
  • Takes colour well
  • Complies with various food contact regulations

Typical applications include:

  • Food packaging
  • TWIM containers
  • Clear storage boxes
  • Tool boxes and organisers
  • Toys
  • Home appliances

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