Always there, always listening

This strap line ‘always there, always listening’, comes from Plastribution’s brand movie, created almost 5 years ago.

Many people, including on occasions my colleagues, would perhaps question the validity of such a bold statement and refer to the fact that our offices are not open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round; however, in the era of modern communication, including text email and mobile phones Plastribution is pretty much ‘always on standby’.

A case in point occurred when a large UK plastics processor had been let down by their regular supplier and urgently needed material in order to keep their process running. The customer contacted one of Plasribution’s suppliers in an attempt to secure material at short notice but without inventory in the UK, the producer was unable to help. The producer did however refer their customer to Plastribution as their core UK distributor on the basis that we may be able to help.

By now it was the middle of Friday afternoon and a request had been made by a company that we knew of but did not have an account set up for. This created the following challenges:

  1. How could we ensure payment?
  1. How could we undertake due diligence to ensure that this was not a fraudulent request?
  1. With the warehouse about to close for the weekend how could we make the goods available to the customer?

With payment collected, and an arrangement made with our warehouse, subject to due diligence, to have the goods available for collection at 07.00 on Saturday morning, two of the three criteria were fulfilled. The due diligence proved a little more of a challenge, and although payment had been made by credit card, this ‘exception’ to our typical account opening process required special attention if the goods were to be released. With a series of late night phone calls and emails to the customer and an early morning call to the transport company we were finally satisfied that everything was in good order and our new customer got the essential supplies to keep their process running.

Whilst we would not want to promise ‘the moon on a stick’, you can be assured that we will be doing our utmost to support you and your business when it really counts.