Will a customer in need become a customer indeed?

Whilst for many the supply crisis, which began in February 2015, is becoming a distant memory there are still today occasions in which availability of product is a serious issue.

MOL Group

Headquartered in Budapest - Hungary, MOL Group is the largest plastic raw material producer in central Europe and holds a leading position in this region.

Life continues beyond the BREXIT blues

It is now two months after the shock result of UK’s referendum on EU membership. Whilst in the lead up to the 23rd June vote there was a discernible atmosphere of trepidation in terms of ‘what if [...]

Flame Retardant Additives for Film

The Kafrit Group are a global leader in the production of high quality flame retardant masterbatches and have been partnered with Plastribution for many years. They have been suppliers to the [...]

Price know-how August 2016

Whether BREXIT will be regarded as the reason or simply the trigger for an economic slow-down, or if indeed other factors are of influence, is unlikely to be known for some time.

A purge on costs

Since October 2011 Plastribution has been able to offer its customers purging agents from Aquapurge. We currently hold stock of their Barrel Blitz Universal (BBU) purging compound within our [...]