2016 – a year of BIG surprises!

Whilst every year contains a wide array of noteworthy events, typically the ramifications of these events are short-lived and the understanding of any consequences quickly comprehended.

For many, whilst the election of Donald Trump as the US president elect was surprising, at least the 4-year term he will spend in office prior to resigning or seeking re-election is finite, whereas the small margin that determined the decision to BREXIT represents an irreversible change for the future of our country.

In fact as we ready ourselves for Christmas on 24 December, 6 months will have passed since the outcome of the UK Referendum on EU membership and the only outcomes that we know with any degree of certainty is that our currency has been devalued and that we have a new Prime Minister. The likelihood is that the UK will serve its notice under the now famous ‘Article 50’ of the Lisbon Treaty in March 2017 and the UK will in all probability be expelled from the EU some 24 months later.

Given that the UK cannot officially negotiate any trade deal until it has left the EU there is plenty of uncertainty to contend with.

It strikes me as unusual that issues outside of the plastics industry predominate over issues ‘within’ the industry; however this also forms an outstanding opportunity for the manufacturing sector to come together and influence Government to ensure that our collective interests are properly considered. This collaboration is already clearly evident through the larger trade organisations such as the EEF of which the BPF is a member and Plastribution in turn, being a member of.

With some 30 year’s experience in the UK plastics industry I remain both positive and confident that the ability of businesses in this significant sector to survive and prosper will enable to us to successfully move through what is likely to be a turbulent passage in our history.

Here at Plastribution we have continued to address the challenges and opportunities presented to us and the recognition of being awarded PRW’s Best Company to Work For in the UK Plastics Industry, 2016 bore witness to the continuing investment we are making into the most important asset that we have – I am incredibly proud of the outstanding team that we have and their unending appetite to deliver great service.

Finally, I would like to thank you all for your support over the last 12 months and to take this opportunity to wish you and yours all the very best this holiday season with the expectation that together we can enjoy further success in 2017!