Price know-how July 21

The situation on pricing continues to be complicated. The market for polymers continues to be complex as multiple factors act to greater, or lesser extent on pricing.

Price know-how June 21

Is the situation on prices about to ease?

Price know-how May 21

Polymer prices continue to skyrocket as demand continues to outstrip supply. As outlined in all three sector graphs that appear in this publication, the rate of price increase for polyolefins, [...]

Price know-how April 21

For many in the industry the current state of affairs can only be described as shocking. Whilst feedstock cost is one of the key drivers of this exceptional situation, the lack of shipping [...]

McDonald’s Serving up Sustainable Trays with UBQ™

Price know-how March 21

Tight supply situation propels prices forward at an incredible rate. What began in December has skyrocketed through into March, leaving many converters amazed by yet another round of hefty price [...]

RamClean®- Purging Agents That Get The Job Done!

Supplied by Polyram Plastic Industries Ltd. RamClean® smart purging agents help reduce downtime and minimise scrap rate thanks to superior purging efficiency. Being compatible with almost any [...]

Review 2020 Outlook 2021

Alongside our monthly Price Know-how publication, at the beginning of every year we provide an assessment of what has happened over the past year and what may happen in the year ahead, [...]

Capilene SW 70 LE

New developmental Capilene SW 70 LE polypropylene impact copolymer resin provides a unique combination of very high flow, good stiffness – impact balance and low emissions that is favourable for [...]

Capilene® CW 85 AV

A new polypropylene grade from Carmel Olefins offers outstanding processability, combined with mechanical and optical properties that are particularly suited to TWIM food packaging and consumer [...]

Santoprene thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs)

Plastribution are proud distributors of ExxonMobil’s Santoprene range of TPVs.

Santoprene thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs) are high-performance elastomers, which offer manufacturing [...]

Polymateria Biotransformation – A next-gen biodegradable solution

Polymateria, an Advanced Technology Development Company based in London, have developed a next generation biodegradation solution together with Imperial College University London.

Reflections in lockdown

Mike Boswell, Managing Director of leading polymer distributor, Plastribution, provides an insight on a year like no other.

Capilene CP71AV Polypropylene From Carmel Olefins

Read about the new Capilene CP71AV polypropylene resin from Carmel Olefins. Providing a unique combination of mechanical and optical properties, together with outstanding processability, it is [...]

Radilon® Mixloy, a new range of PA blends

To maximize polymer performance in final products by mixing polymers with different properties was the goal of RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers. The result is its new specialty range of [...]

CHIMEI launches high heat resistant PC alloy for 5G product applications

With the advent of the 5G era, demand for higher product performance continues to increase, such as more flame retardant and heat resistant materials for communications applications. In response [...]

Exceed XP™ – Performance polymers from ExxonMobil

Exceed™ XP performance polymers offer a new benchmark for a broad range of applications that require eXtreme Performance. This portfolio of products enables converters to cost-effectively [...]

Light guides made from PLEXIGLAS® – The original by Röhm

Light guides made from Plexiglas® lend a high-quality appearance to the new premium ATMs from Diebold Nixdorf. Whether in a pedestrian zone or in a shopping mall, advertisement boards are lit up [...]

Santoprene™ TPV for construction glazing seals

Santoprene TPV grades from ExxonMobil come with all-weather resistance and long-lasting sealing performance for windows, door seals and gaskets, both in residential as in commercial buildings. [...]

Stretching out: Plastribution launches new elastomers business

When the recent pandemic hit and turned business-as-usual upside down, thermoplastics distributor, Plastribution, used the time to work on a long-held plan to ‘stretch’ its portfolio – adding a [...]

Total Petrochemicals – Tackling plastics end of life

Total’s ambition for their polymers business is to be selling 30% recycled polymers by 2030, equating to 1 million tons per year in 2030. However, one of the big challenges facing recycling of [...]

Radici Group – Materials for Water Management

When the polymer industry talks about finite resources it usually refers to oil and gas which are the key components in polymer production. However, there is one resource that the polymer [...]

Premix PRE-ELEC® Compounds – A solution to eliminate static electricity

What we experience as an unpleasant electrostatic shock in our everyday life, can cause complications or even dangerous situations in many industries. Electrostatic shocks, also known as [...]

Hydropol™ – a dissolvable film solution for infection control bags

In the current situation, medical, NHS support staff, teachers and other key workers are being told to bag up and immediately wash their clothing as soon as they return home. The demand for [...]

The plastic packaging tax: An insight by Joseph Putt BEng, Technical Specialist

The plastic packaging tax, set to be implemented in April 2022, is aimed at increasing recycling levels by placing a tax on plastic packaging that contains below 30% recycled content. The tax is [...]

Celebrating 40 years of polymer supply excellence

For more than four decades Plastribution’s vision, ‘to be the UK’s preferred supplier of plastic raw materials’, has been consistent. We've has been able to manage expectations by maintaining a [...]

#KShow10k – 10KM for 10 years, raising money for The Princes Trust

On 16th October 2019 MD's Mike Boswell of Plastribution & Richard Cowling of Hellyar Plastics will run 10K at their 10th successive K-show since 1992, all to raise money for 'The Princes Trust'. [...]

Ipethene 4140

An interview with Dr Rotem Shemesh – Innovation & Sustainability

Dr Rotem Shemesh, R&D and Customer Service Manager at Carmel Olefins, recently spent the day at the Plastribution offices providing technical training to our sales teams.  While she was here, [...]

Sterling & the impact on polymer pricing

There are numerous headlines in the newspapers at the moment around the misery the weak pound is causing for those holidaying abroad. The ‘hard Brexit’ rhetoric since Boris Johnson became Prime [...]

Tracer Technology – Kafrit’s answer to the counterfeit market

Counterfeit goods currently account for an estimated 7% of global trade, yet despite an increase in corporate and government spending to tackle the issue, their production and access to market is [...]

Life of an apprentice – Maya’s story

11 month's ago, one of our latest recruits on the apprenticeship scheme - Maya, joined our team. Maya has kindly written a blog piece to share some of her experiences so far regarding her life at [...]

Women in Plastics

‘Women in Plastics’ provide a platform for females in the plastics industry that are doing great work in every type of capacity. Recently, Plastribution Commercial Director Katherine White took [...]

Sustainable Polymers – How do you see ‘green’?

‘Sustainable polymers’, ‘green polymers’ - however you refer to them, producing materials and products with the intention of causing minimal impact to our environment is perhaps the most [...]

Brexit implications that may affect your business

Whilst the details of the Brexit divorce settlement and future trading relations are likely to become clearer over the coming weeks, it is important to consider a range of scenarios including ‘no [...]

Exchange Rate

The comments made on Friday 3rd August by Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, that the risk of a no deal Brexit was ‘uncomfortably high’ had a significant impact on the currency [...]

An overview on Plastribution’s ‘Understanding the Polymer Supply Chain’ Conference 5-6 June 2018

Plastribution’s recent Understanding the Polymer Supply Chain Conference took place on 5-6 June 2018. This was the 3rd ‘sharing of experience & expertise’ forum that has been held since 2015 and [...]

PA66 – The Pressure Grows

PA66 market ‘overheating’ many users and specifiers may well be forced to ‘down spec’ applications wherever possible, with the major winners potentially being for example nylon 6 and/or higher [...]

A polymer sourcing insight

Last week I attended the Polymer Sourcing conference in Barcelona where many of the presentations focused on the capacity expansions in the US based on ethane feedstock from shale gas.

Should recent oil price hikes worry polymer users?

Oil prices have surged in recent weeks as the rhetoric from US President Donald Trump regarding Iran has intensified and the threat of sanctions increased. Iran is one of the largest global oil [...]

Nylon 66 – market update

For polyamide 66 processors across Europe, the situation has now become critical. Extremely tight supply for base polymer and compounds will intensify further now that both Invista & Solvay have [...]

Price know-how – Outlook & Review 2017/18

In addition to our monthly Price know-how publication, which is now uploaded to our online library, the Hub (, we also provide an assessment of what has [...]

Price know-how December 2017

Feedstocks move up in December resulting in upward pressure on polymer prices.

Price know-how October 2017

The major driver of feedstock costs in September was mainly related to the aftermath of storms affecting the US Gulf Coast, and in particular the impact of storm ‘Harvey’ in the Texas region.

Interplas 2017 – Brexit and the British Plastics Industry: A Perspective

A presentation by: Mike Boswell - Chairman of Brexit Taskforce

Interplas 2017 & confessions of an exhibition sceptic

I ate humble pie for my tea last night and I have to admit I found it very tasty. I have been very outspoken internally at Plastribution about my feelings about trade shows which has led to some [...]

Price know-how September 2017

Factors including exchange rates, feedstock price increases, strong demand, poor availability and even storms in the US are pushing prices upward.

Let Plastribution make it work for you

As highlighted in out previous blog (, with the polymer market fluctuating in light of several key suppliers closing their orders books early in [...]

Interesting times for Sterling

As has already been evident for those of us who like to spend our summer holidays in Europe, we have seen further erosion in the price of sterling over the last few months.

Price know-how August 2017

Price increases look likely as polymer producers close order books early in August.

Price know-how July

Will standard polymer prices continue to soften, or is there a risk of price increases later in the summer?

Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics’ Iupital® Acetal distribution

Plastribution rose to the challenge and became one of the largest suppliers of acetal in the UK. The initiative was based on the partnership between Plastribution and Mitsubishi [...]

Price know-how June

Whilst the results of the UK General Election have impacted on exchange rates, relaxation in some polymer prices will bring relief to many plastics processors.

Chi Mei – the world’s largest maker of ABS resin

Plastribution has had a long and successful relationship with the Chi Mei Corporation, the world’s largest vendor of ABS. Founded in 1960 in Tainan, Taiwan, Chi Mei’s many products are widely [...]

Price know-how May

Styrene monomer prices have plummeted and C2 and C3 prices have rolled over from April into May. In the case of Ethylene, this comes after a rollover in price from March to April. For styrene [...]

Price know-how April

According to the trade body Petrochemicals Europe, an amazing 95% of manufactured goods are dependent upon the use of petrochemicals, of which plastics and polymers are a significant part. Whilst [...]

Price know-how March

Tight Supply of Both Feedstocks and Polymers Continues to Fuel Price Inflation.

Price know-how February 2017

Is it likely that increasing benzene prices, that are already impacting styrenic polymer pricing, will stimulate rapid inflation for engineering polymers?

Reprocessed plastic – not so fantastic?

In the course of the past week two consumer ‘durable’ products have failed me. On both occasions a plastic component has failed prematurely. Whilst in each case the design of the component could [...]

Price know-how January 2017

A new year heralds higher oil prices and fresh calls for price increases, which are likely to be influenced by a recent fall in the value of the GBP following a strong rally at the end of 2016.

2016 – a year of BIG surprises!

Whilst every year contains a wide array of noteworthy events, typically the ramifications of these events are short-lived and the understanding of any consequences quickly comprehended.

Price know-how December

A confusing picture with oil prices increasing, GBP strengthening, C2 and C3 prices falling, and Styrene Monomer prices increasing significantly.

Carpe Discipulus – seize the student

Many of us are familiar with the term ‘Carpe Diem’, which in its literal translation means ‘seize the day’ and more broadly a mantra to embrace the opportunities that life presents us with.

Always there, always listening

This strap line ‘always there, always listening’, comes from Plastribution’s brand movie, created almost 5 years ago. Many people, including on occasions my colleagues, would perhaps question the [...]

Why is the EU Plastics Industry concerned about BREXIT?

Naturally for the majority of UK citizens our perspective on BREXIT is about how the decision to leave the EU will impact us. It was not until I was preparing a presentation for a conference held [...]

Price know-how November

Pressure continues to build on polymer pricing as feedstock prices firm and Sterling continues to weaken; but for now there is still the uncertainty factor to contend with.

Price know-how October 2016

What are the implications for UK plastic processors as the GBP continues to weaken with ‘BREXIT SHOCK #2,’ at the same time as oil firms and some feedstocks increase in price?

Plastics Industry Awards – Apprentice of the Year success!

Katherine White, Plastribution’s Commercial Director and Lucy’s line-manager added: “Lucy has worked extremely hard at both with her studies and within Plastribution. This recognition is very [...]

Price know-how September 2016

Are Prices Finding a New Equilibrium After the Devaluation of GBP Following BREXIT?

Walls have ears

The UK has long been recognised for its ability to originate and develop new ideas. It is also true, often due to commercial necessity, that many of those ideas go forward to be produced in lower [...]

Will a customer in need become a customer indeed?

Whilst for many the supply crisis, which began in February 2015, is becoming a distant memory there are still today occasions in which availability of product is a serious issue.

MOL Group

Headquartered in Budapest - Hungary, MOL Group is the largest plastic raw material producer in central Europe and holds a leading position in this region.

Life continues beyond the BREXIT blues

It is now two months after the shock result of UK’s referendum on EU membership. Whilst in the lead up to the 23rd June vote there was a discernible atmosphere of trepidation in terms of ‘what if [...]

Flame Retardant Additives for Film

The Kafrit Group are a global leader in the production of high quality flame retardant masterbatches and have been partnered with Plastribution for many years. They have been suppliers to the [...]

Price know-how August 2016

Whether BREXIT will be regarded as the reason or simply the trigger for an economic slow-down, or if indeed other factors are of influence, is unlikely to be known for some time.

A purge on costs

Since October 2011 Plastribution has been able to offer its customers purging agents from Aquapurge. We currently hold stock of their Barrel Blitz Universal (BBU) purging compound within our [...]

Price know-how July 2016

What is the Potential Impact of BREXIT on UK Polymer Prices?

PRW Best Places To Work – an important milestone on the journey of employee engagement

For those of you who are contemplating a more engaged workforce, we would strongly advise using an engagement survey and regardless of the performance rating, you will know where you are on the [...]