Water-soluble polymers

Plastribution can supply a range of polymers that dissolve in water, without polluting the marine environment with harmful microplastics.


You need solutions that:

• Are fully biodegradable
• Are non-harmful to a marine environment
• Provide a potential solution for single use items
• Can be derived from bio and renewable feedstock
• Can be edible
• Can help reduce carbon footprint
• Give an effective gas barrier
• Can be used in conjunction with other materials to enhance recyclability
• Can be water soluble at a variety of temperatures
• Can be home compostable
• Replace traditional multi-polymer structures
• Have the potential to run on standard conversion equipment

What we can offer:

• PVOH based water soluble polymer (45ºC and 85ºC solubility)
• Fully bio based water soluble polymer (25ºC solubility currently)

Suppliers and products:

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Aquapak produces multi-functional polymers that promote good cycling and the circular economy. All of their products are designed to eliminate plastic pollution at source as they are water-soluble and biodegrade safely into water, carbon dioxide and mineralised natural biomass.

Lactips produces the first 100% bio-based (with milk protein) and fully biodegradable natural polymer. This material respects the principles of green chemistry. It is totally eco-designed and features the properties of a specialty plastic (gas barrier, water soluble, customisable and… edible). It is a game-changing technology that’s safer for the consumer and the environment. It can be processed using a variety of conventional methods and is suitable for a wide variety of applications (food, cosmetics, detergent and construction).

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