Bio-sourced Polymers

Materials for a variety of applications sourced from biomass such as sugarcane, tapioca, castor oil and cellulose.


You need solutions that:

• Reduce the use of petrochemical feedstocks and preserve valuable resources
• Can reduce energy usage
• Can give reduced carbon footprint
• Can potentially use waste products from other industries
• Can help reduce visible littering and enhance compostability
• Reduce landfill and potentially expensive preparation for recycling
• Provide enhanced public perception
• Provide enhanced haptics

We can offer:

• PLA which is both bio-sourced and biodegradable
• Bio-sourced fully water-soluble polymers
• Polymers derived fully or partially from waste products
• Engineering grade polymers partially derived from bio-source

Please note: there is a global shortage of PLA in 2019/2020 – contact us for more details.

Suppliers and products:

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Lactips produces the first 100% bio-based (with milk protein) and fully biodegradable natural polymer. This material respects the principles of green chemistry. It is totally eco-designed and features the properties of a specialty plastic (gas barrier, water soluble, customisable and… edible). It is a game-changing technology that’s safer for the consumer and the environment. It can be processed using a variety of conventional methods and is suitable for a wide variety of applications including food, cosmetics, detergent and construction.

The Radilon® D trade name identifies the long molecular chain PA6.10 grades that have been developed for injection moulding and extrusion. These products, made with 64% renewable source materials, are created using Sebacic acid – a substance of biological origin obtained from castor oil plant (Ricinus communis) seeds.

By converting organic household waste into sustainable bio-based materials, UBQ™ is a novel climate positive innovation that can be used for the manufacturing of thousands of products. It is clean, sustainable, cost-effective and recyclable.

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