Biodegradable & Compostable Polymers

We’ve been working with our supply partners to bring a range of innovative, high quality bio-degradable & compostable materials to the UK market.


You need solutions that:

• Reduce emissions into the atmosphere
• Reduce the impact of polymers on the environment
• Reduce the impact of polymers entering the oceans
• Potentially allow home composting of polymers
• Reduce visible littering
• Generate valuable biomass and/or energy
• Provide waste reduction
• Provide by-products that are non-toxic and can be broken down by naturally occurring bacteria
• Can mix with traditional polymers
• Reduce the prevalence of micro plastics

What we can offer:

• Standard & High heat PLA (Polylactic Acid) for demanding applications using biomass from sugar beet and sugarcane
• Biodegradable resin – based on starch from non food-grade tapioca
• Biodegradable compounds – designed for use in packaging and manufacture of film
• Compostable and bio-degradable material – based on milk protein

Please note: there is a global shortage of PLA in 2021 – contact us for more details.

Suppliers and products:

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Aquapak produces multi-functional polymers that promote good cycling and the circular economy. All of their products are designed to eliminate plastic pollution at source as they are water-soluble and biodegrade safely into water, carbon dioxide and mineralised natural biomass.

Lactips produce water soluble and biodegradable thermoplastic pellets based on milk protein that can be used as a raw material for thermoforming, film and injection moulding applications.

MATER-BI is the versatile and innovative bioplastic created by NOVAMONT which is being used to provide low environmental impact solutions for everyday products: carrier bags, organic waste bags, nets for fresh fruit and vegetables, paper wrappings, cups and napkins, plates, cutlery, cups and spoons for ice cream and a range of flexible packaging applications…A virtuous cycle from nature to nature.

Polymateria is a British business developing a new standard in biodegradable and compostable plastics. Our scientists have created a breakthrough proprietary formulation for plastics called Biotransformation, that allows base materials, such as PP and PE, to fully biodegrade in the natural environment.

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