price know-how aims to be relevant by providing an overview, material group specific reports and more general economic information including exchange rates and GDP growth.

As important insightful content, we have taken the decision to move our monthly price know-how across to the Hub. This means that price know-how will no longer be available directly through the know-how section of our website, but instead will be available via the Hub.

The know-how hub

The ‘know-how hub’ is a registration-based source of premium content containing over 80 articles covering insights, opinion, market intelligence and innovation.

Please note that in order to maintain the integrity of hub and its content, we will be unable to register email addresses that are not linked to a company, i.e. personal accounts such as yahoo, gmail, hotmail etc., and private email addresses.

How does the Hub work?

Following registration, you will be able to select your specific areas of interest so that relevant content can be tailored to suit your preferences; this level of interaction will enable us to ‘push’ new related content to you as and when appropriate.

Alongside a quick search, you will also be able to filter your results for content based on ‘industry’, ‘material supplier’ or ‘product’; a ‘recently viewed’ button also allows you to keep check of the information you’ve previously looked at.