Thanks to the efforts of a vigilant customer, Plastribution, the UK’s leading plastics raw materials distributor, was yesterday alerted to a potential identity fraud.

A person using the name ‘Hugh’, who pretended to be a Plastribution employee, had contacted a customer telling them that Plastribution had changed bank accounts and gave them false details of where to send their electronic payments. That telephone call was then followed-up by a fax which was designed to look as if it came from Plastribution.

As soon as Plastribution were made aware of the potential fraud, arrangements were made to freeze the phantom bank account and all customers with an outstanding balance were contacted and made aware of the potential fraud.

Expressing his gratitude to the vigilant customer, managing director Mike Boswell also paid tribute to the prompt actions of his team at Plastribution.

“Fortunately it appears that the situation has been dealt with without loss and the matter has been reported to the Police and is the subject of further investigation, but I would ask any customer who receives requests to change their bank details to contact one of our team immediately.

“I would also advise that all business treat requests for changes in payment with extreme caution and make extensive enquiries to ensure that any such request is genuine.”