Ideal Standard International is a leading provider of innovative and design-driven bathroom solutions, producing sanitary ware and baths, as well as brass fittings, shower enclosures, valves and kits, bathroom furniture and vanity units. With its long experience and history in bathroom design, Ideal Standard continues to invest in advanced technology to ensure that their innovative products work perfectly as well as look beautiful.


Ideal Standard has a long standing history of collaborations with top designers and architects to create bathrooms that span across top end, middle and mass markets.

Ideal Standard has been a Plastribution customer since March 2011. Their requirement year on year has increased to a point where over 400T of product has been ordered in the last 12 months, comprising of 21 materials and ranging from engineering polymers (PP, Acetal, SAN, ABS etc) to masterbatch. With Plastribution dealing with various sites across the Ideal Standard family, including purchasing, technical & development and manufacturing, confidence between both parties has progressed rapidly. A number of key purchasing staff from Ideal Standard also attended Plastribution’s buyers course.


Alternative materials

In the manufacture of toilet seats, Ideal Standard primarily use ABS and SAN material, both supplied by Plastribution.  Although hard wearing and ideal for sanitary ware fittings in general, Ideal Standard were looking for alternative materials that would offer them a decrease in their carbon footprint without having an impact on quality. To effect this, Ideal Standard asked Plastribution to recommend an alternative material solution.

Plastribution’s technical team offered a combination of Granic®, a high-quality, high-dispersion calcium carbonate masterbatch from the GCR Group and PP. As Ideal Standard had also expressed a requirement that the new material should provide a slightly heavier toilet seat than previously, Granic’s increased density provided a perfect solution.

Using the new material combination, production samples went through vigourous testing by Ideal Standard’s technical department. The samples passed various test conditions with flying colours.

In this particular case study, Ideal Standard benefited from Plastribution’s dynamic service values of: Expertise, Innovationand Process.



Plastribution’s expertise is something that its customers know they can rely on. This makes Plastribution the best at sourcing materials, the best at identifying new markets and the best at managing and advising on raw materials and pricing. In providing a solution for Ideal Standard, Plastribution created a network between various suppliers, which, combined with their own internal expertise across the technical, sales and operations functions, produced a unique, one-stop-shop resolution. 


Ticking all the boxes

Plastribution is a rich source of innovation. As a result people come to Plastribution when they need to solve problems, when they need to make something work or how to get something to market. The company is known for being able to come up with ideas that allow things to happen. Ideal Standard approached Plastribution for this very reason, knowing that the solution provided would ‘tick all the boxes’. The combination of PP with the high density of Granic®, provided a clean masterbatch that not only increased product weight and stiffness, but also provided faster cycling and a reduced cost.

Plastribution has evolved a set of unique processes, which allow staff to fully manage customer expectations on price, availability and flexibility – three aspects of its business that are of paramount importance. This means that customers, regardless of their size, turnover or polymer need, have access to a team of professionals who fully understand their business. In providing Ideal Standard with a workable solution, Plastribution utilised a tried and tested process, based on effective regular communication, extensive know-how and reliability.


Excellent service

“As a key supplier of polymers for Ideal Standard, Plastribution not only give an excellent service, they also provide valuable support, advice and training.

I personally attended one of their workshops, which ran over a 2 day period; the course was invaluable, providing impartial advice on a range of polymers, their properties and applications. I have never known a supplier’s support for its customers go so far.

In reviewing our injection moulded product range, Ideal Standard began to investigate different material opportunities, with improved performance/environmental benefits being the key drivers. In doing so, we turned to Plastribution for advice and we weren’t disappointed.

With the material changes implemented on some of our key products, Ideal Standard were able to deliver a superior performance product, delivering environmental and bottom line benefits.

It’s a real pleasure working with a supplier that you know will give honest reliable advice.”  Michelle Marrazza, Site Manager, Ideal Standard