Taken from Plastics & Rubber Weekly – June 2014

A recent move into smart new offices – doubling up on their previous space, an increase in staff, ambitious growth forecasts, recent acquisitions and a jump from 74th in 2012 to 46th position in 2013 in Leicestershire’s Top 100 Companies… is Plastribution entering a new era?


Many across the industry will know that Plastribution’s core business is the distribution of thermoplastic raw materials for injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding industries. As a market leader, Plastribution source material globally from a range of major petrochemical producers, supplying a full range of polyolefin’s, styrenics, engineering polymers, specialities, masterbatches and custom compounds for a range of industries and markets, including: packaging, construction, automotive, water management, medical, industrial electronic and electrical applications.

The other businesses that form the remainder of ‘Plastribution Ltd’, are: Plasfilms, a distributor of plastic film to UK printers, convertors, food industry packers and the labels market; flexible and rigid plastics supplier, Armstrong Bradley and LJ Specialities, a supplier of high quality dyes and chemicals to the global textile, paints, inks and plastics industries.

As Plastribution has grown and developed from its humble beginnings over 30 years ago, their vision‘to be the UK’s preferred supplier of plastic raw materials’has been consistent. They have been able to manage expectations by maintaining a clear focus, implementing plans, recognising existing strengths and reinforcing them.

The common purpose shared by Plastribution’s staff is having an understanding of how their individual contribution fits within their department and how this translates into wider company goals and objectives.  And by being easy to do business with, Plastribution creates added-value to their customers, suppliers and stakeholders, making every contact with the company a positive one.

Plastribution’s business principles are founded on the values of: Expertise, Innovation and Process. These values have long become part of the DNA of the company, providing a definition of how Plastribution ‘sets out its stall’.

“We aim to deliver exceptional customer service through our unique combination of industry expertise, innovative approach to problem solving and processes that are in place to ensure these are delivered on time and in full. This for Plastribution will always be a work in progress as we believe that no matter how good our service is, we will always strive to make it better,”explains Plastribution’s Mike Boswell.


Business know-how

Plastribution’s expertise is something that its suppliers and customers know they can rely on. The company strictly adheres to the policy of selecting only the very best people to work for the company. Having a concentrated talent pool helps promotes accountability; staff genuinely care about their output and how their performance reflects in the future of the business.

This ‘expertise’makes Plastribution the best at sourcing materials, the best at identifying new markets and the best at managing and advising on raw materials and pricing.


Staying ahead of the game

Plastribution is a rich source of innovation. As a result people come to Plastribution when they need to solve problems, when they need to make something work or how to get something to market. The company is known for being able to come up with ideas that allow things to happen. Armed with a belief that innovation is fundamental to supporting changes within the industry, Plastribution continues to apply this approach to everything its customers and suppliers ask it to do and by doing so the company can stay ahead of the game.


Process driven

Over time, Plastribution has evolved a set of unique processes, which allow staff to fully manage customer expectations on price, availability and flexibility – three aspects of its business that are of paramount importance.

This means that customers, regardless of their size, turnover or polymer need, have access to a team of professionals who not only know and understand their business fully, but also apply extensive know-how and reliability in all their dealings.

“Plastribution’s strength lies in adhering to the same values and principles that have been in existence for many years, all of which point in the same direction – primarily the pursuit of excellence in meeting our customers’needs. A new era maybe, but being consistent is key,”added Mike Boswell.

Mike Boswell Managing Director Plastribution