‘Nail Buddy’ is, seemingly, every girl’s best friend. The product is a professional, handy and new portable fashion accessory, designed to hold nail polish bottles securely, leaving both hands free to apply nail polish and achieve professional looking results whether at home or on the move.


Simple to use and effective

Developed on the back of requests from professionals and customers alike, ‘Nail Buddy’is designed to sit perfectly between your knees or on any flat surface. And by being able to hold all shapes and sizes of bottle, ‘Nail Buddy’ is simple to use and effective.

‘Nail Buddy’has recently entered the fashion and beauty markets and is currently enjoying a positive reception. The product currently retails at £9.99 and is available in two fashionable shades – Honeysuckle Rose or Silver Peony.


Product development synergy

The initial concept for ‘Nail Buddy’provides an excellent example of product development synergy. The three ‘players’in this product’s development included Ramsgate based Dugdale Plastics, UK based offshore manufacturing and injection moulding tooling project management specialists, Protek and materials supplier, Plastribution.

Both Dugdale Plastics and Protek created aesthetic and functional 3D designs, from which prototype tooling was manufactured and assessed to check form, fit and function. With support from Plastribution, varying grades of materials were also trialled, with the emphasis being on balancing cost with performance.


High gloss durable finish

The material selection for the main body of ‘Nail Buddy’required a high gloss, durable finish, capable of looking fashionable whilst maintaining functionality. With its  high rigid, medium impact strength, Plastribution recommended ABS Polylac®PA-757 ABS, which provided an ideal balance of properties combined with ease of processing, and the ability to be coloured using masterbatch.

And to keep nail varnish bottles of all shapes and sizes secure, a rubber cage was developed that sits inside the main body of the product. A variety of grades of thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs) were trialled, with Santoprene™offering the best performance, together with its inherent manufacturing flexibility, ease of processing and consistent durability.  A non slip rubber base completed the design.

In production, the moulding, assembly and pack-out of the product was carried out by Dugdale Plastics.

‘Nail Buddy’was launched exclusively into Boots UK in December 2012 through High Street TV. The product is currently on sale through other major retailers, distributors, shopping channels and airlines.

To further promote ‘Nail Buddy’, a company known as Majique Ltd was formed in November 2012 to market and distribute the product, along with a range of beauty products and gift sets.